Celestia Vega

Celestia Vega – Bio, Facts, Family, Networth

Celestia Vega was born in California, USA, on 12 August 1998 and began up there. She is a famous American adult star, Twitch streamer, webcam model, vlogger. Celestia Vega became famous on her Youtube channel and gathered 574k subscribers with her fantastic sense of vlogging and unbelievable confidence.

She made her career in 2015 by joining the Twitch platform, on which she stream a variety of games. After that, Celestia Vega gained amazing popularity. She developed her content to multiple platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, and started producing vlogs and other types of videos and games. Now her name is on the various searched list on Google as well as further websites. However, Celestia Vega grew up as an American adult star that has the spotlight on her having the wrong purposes.

After obtaining fame on Youtube, she joined the film industry of America. She is has become the role model and an inspiration for her fans to follow.

NameCelestia Vega
Age22 (last Update 2020)
Birth Date12 August 1998
Birth PlaceCalifornia, USA
ProfessionTwitch Star
Martial Status / BoyFriendSingle
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlue
Height5 ft 4 inches
Net Worth$200 Thousand

Celestia Vega Bio

Celestia Vega was born into an American family under the fire sign of Leo. There is no information about her parents. Also, her siblings are not on the view of the media and the public. Celestia’s family background is not sure to the public or media. Being one of the most questionable social media personalities of this decade, she always respected her family and shielded them from unwanted media attention. She went to an undefined high school in her hometown. It’s unclear whether or when she enrolled, as there are talks that she dropped out of middle school because she was an outcast.

what happened to celestia vega

Career Beginnings

Celestia Vega career began with games streaming on the Twitch platform in 2015. At first, she mostly streamed herself playing “Animal Crossing: Wild World” and “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion”. which were successful games at that time. She also focused on some classics games such as “Minecraft” and “Runescape” which increased her audience and brought older gamers to her fanbase. Celestia was one of the first streamers to actively promote “League of Legends” as some of her streaming sessions would go on for hours. While she was relatively popular and some initial traction, she was approached by another online content creator, YouTube streamer Zoie Burgher, who initially helped Vega break out online and rise to fame on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

What happened to Celestia Vega?

In early 2017, Celestia and Zoie fought, after which they decided to left the group. Zoie later stated that the reason behind the falling out was the fact that Vega decided to pursue p…n with that… After that Vega making a “behind the scenes” video about her first adult film scene was posted on her official YouTube channel. Her adult film work also significantly boosted her popularity, especially after another famous YouTuber named KSI released a prank video entitled “My First Adult Movie ft Celestia Vega”.

In December of 2018, Vega shocked her fandom when she wrote, “I’m done”. On all her social media profiles and deleted them. Everyone knew about her problems with anxiety and depression. However, on 17 March 2019, Celestia vega released a new video on YouTube named “I’m back.” In this video, she explained that she primarily grew disillusioned with the adult film industry and wanted to leave her old life after and stop producing any sexually related content. She returned to her gaming and began regularly streaming on Twitch once again.

Celestia Vega Net Worth

Through her career, she earned a lot of money. According to several credible sources, she has an estimated net worth of $200,000, as of mid-2019, accumulated initially through many donations on her Twitch channel. Despite a temporary break, she has made a successful comeback to her streaming career and is one of Twitch’s most famous female gamers.

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Who is Celestia Vega?

Celestia Vega is a Famous American Twitch streamer, webcam model, vlogger, and adult star. Vega was born in California, USA, on 12 August 1998 and began up there.

What Are Celestia Vega Hobbies and Interests?

As for hobbies, Celestia is a multifaceted person who likes watching horror movies, soccer, and cross country. She also likes to sing, which she showcased through several streaming sessions, frequently as a strategy to get her fans to donate more.

How Tall is Celestia Vega?

Celestia Vega is 5 ft 4 inches tall, with an hourglass body, but her weight and other measurements are currently unexplored. She is known for exploring with her hair color, often coloring it in unique shades such as electric blue, blood red, and even white. When she became a p..n actress, she shaved her head, exposing her natural dark brown strands.

Is Celestia Vega Gay?

Celestia is bisexual and confessed the fact that she has an attraction to both men and women. She has not much shame about having a bisexual identity.

Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Celestia Vega doesn’t have a boyfriend right now. And Vega had at least 1 relationship previously. She has not engaged Yet.

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